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It is my privilege to herald the arrival of a new law publication, The Legal Review, which intends to revolutionise the legal publishing industry. Recognising the need to cater to a distinctive and discerning market, The Legal Review will provide readers with direct access to a tremendous number of cases at an unrivalled price, with no compromise on quality.

The editorial team will consist of experienced reporters and will be headed by me, formerly the Editor-in-Charge of a leading local law publication. We will have two flagship journals, The Malaysian Law Review (Appellate Courts) and the Malaysian Law Review (High Court). The former will focus specifically on judgments from the Court of Appeal and Federal Court, while the latter comprises solely High Court cases. There will be 48 issues of each journal per year, thus amounting collectively to 96 issues annually. We plan to report approximately 60 cases from the High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court each month, which would mean an estimated 720 judgments in our journals every year.

With the increasing number of important and significant judgments emanating from all our courts, it is timely and apt for the advent of a new, trailblazing legal report which will take law reporting to uncharted heights. Instead of limiting ourselves, we felt it was more practical to dedicate one journal completely to the appellate courts, and the other to the High Court, thereby allowing us to report a more comprehensive selection of cases from all the courts.

We truly believe that our law report will be of immense value and use to both practitioners and non-practitioners alike. We do hope that we have your support in this bold and enterprising venture.

Yours faithfully,

Suresh Nathan

Managing Editor